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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Always give your time to the one which matters the most | Inspiration | Never Ever Give UP | Live life happily.

This videos is very beautiful, It depicts your life well. This is the perfect example to make you realize what should be your first priority. What you should do, whom you should value.

THe video make use of three terms : Golf ball, pebbles, Sand and Chocolate milk. Is it tempting ?

Lets check out the video now, what it exactly meant. Enjoy.... and try to depict this in your life as well.

A 77 Year Old man, star of Facebook, earns his living by travelling 170 KMs a day

A 77 year Old, name : PV SAAR.. who was a manager in an American Company. He spent all his lifelong saving on his son's education. And he is no more now .

Whatever saving was left out, he spent all in marraige of his three children. Now he has nothing.

But, He has this attitude " NEVER EVER GIVE UP ". He is earning his livelihood by selling soft toys and puppets.

Please watch this video and get inspired. Don't ever quit. Always say " Whatever happens, I will NEVER EVER GIVE UP ".

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vertex Hiring Freshers as Associate Trainee Engineer | Jobs in Chennai | Best Jobs in India | Freshers Jobs | Jobs in India

Location : Chennai

Role : Associate Trainee Engineer

Qualification : Any Graduate

Skills :

  1. 10+3 yrs diploma / +2 , Any Arts & science graduate / Engineering Graduates
  2. Understanding English with Tamil speaking skills
  3. Rotational Shifts

CTC : 6250 PM + other allowances

Last Date : 30 June 2014

To Apply : Click Here

Saturday, 17 May 2014

ACCEL Frontline Hiring Freshers as Associate Engineer

Location : Chennai - Porur

Role : Associate Engineer ( Field Service )

Qualification : Diploma / Ug Graduate

Skills : 

  1. Should have good technical knowledge in hardware products of printers , scanners , desktop and laptops
  2. The candidate must have a two-wheeler for willing to travel intensively
  3. Good interpersonal skills

CTC : As per industry

Last Date : ASAP

To Apply : Click here

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Applexus Technologies conducting walk-in for freshers

Location : Cochin
Role : Software Engineer

Qualification : BE / / MSC / MCA

Skills :
  1.  Must have 64.5 % + in graduation
  2. No cut off for 10th and 12th
  3. 2013 / 2014 Batch Graduates only
  4. Knowledge of at least ONE programming language
  5. Strong understanding of programming logic and database concepts.   
CTC : As per company norms

Walk-in Date : 17 May 2014

Walk-in Time : 8AM

Walk-in Venue : 

Kacherippai , Banarjee Road,

For More Details and Registration : Click Here

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Put the Glass Down

Many of us are carrying a lot of useless thoughts in our mind all day long. These thoughts are all crap (sorry for being unorthodox).

You are reading this and still you are wandering, What I am gonna read? What is this all about? and a lot more questions.
My Friend, Please clean your mind for a while and then start reading. You will feel much better.
So, What I want to say is "Don't take any burden for a long time, It will start hurting you."

so, here we go with actual stuff.

In a college, Lecturer came with a glass full of water. Students were thinking, "today teacher is very angry on someone so, he has brought water with him".

Teacher hold the glass in his hand up-straight,and asked, how much this glass will weigh?

"50gm, 200gm, 250gm...." were the reply from students.

Teacher asked again " so, what will happen,if I will hold this glass like this for an hour ?"

"Nothing" students replied.

"What will happen if I will hold this for a day?"

"Your hand will start hurting and you might get admitted to a hospital' reply came.

Then teacher said " that's what I want you to understand, Our Brain is holding our useless thoughts"

"if we will keep it for a longer time, it will start hurting you, might paralyze you".

So, before going to sleep, you must remove all your useless thoughts and sleep freely. You will definitely wake up fresh next day and you will fight hard for your dreams .

But if you will keep all your thoughts in your mind for a longer time, your productivity will decrease and you won't focus on your path.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Don't Judge a book by it's cover

In a far place, a guy met with an accident. He was bleeding like Hell, and no-body was eager to help that poor guy.
His face was bleeding, his nose was thrashed badly and numerous ligaments and bones were broken.

Somehow, a gentleman informed his father through his phone directory.His father came and took him straight to the hospital.
The doctor was not in the hospital. Since it was a genuine case of emergency, Nurse called doctor.

The guys' father was impatiently waiting for the doctor. After few minutes wait, Doctor arrived.

The father saw him and started " Can't you see, My son is in very bad condition? why did you come so late?, What would be your reaction, if your son was lying here and fighting for his life?"

The doctor smiled and said " Please calm down ! I will try my best to save him"

"My son is in danger, and he is asking me to calm down", father murmured and walked away.

The doctor went inside the operation theater, where he battled for few hours and finally came out with smile.

"Your son is out of danger", He said and walked away.

The father was surprised and he asked nurse, "why he is so arrogant? I wanted to ask few questions about my son".

With her eyes full of tears, Nurse replied 

"yesterday, his son met with an accident and died !, today he was performing his last rituals,when we called him, he left everything and came here immediately"

"now he went to complete his task".

Father was shocked,.

So, we shouldn't judge anyone by seeing him. He/She might be having his/her own problems, still they are trying to help you.

So moral of the story is : Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Greet Everyone with smile everyday-- You will be on top of the world

Are you serious right now? Or your brows are up straight? Or are you mad at someone?

If your answer is YES for all questions, then loosen up before proceeding with the post. Get a good smile on your face.

Ok, I believe, You are done with those steps. :)
Now, let's proceed with my thought.

When you get up everyday, what is the first thing you do? 
I will not ask you to recall all those stuffs, Just try to follow what I am going to say.

Whenever you get up everyday early morning, first thing you should do is "Smile" after seeing yourself in-front of a mirror.
And next, go around your flat, and greet everyone with a smile.

Don't forget to smile at any part of the day. Keep smiling irrespective of any odds. 

Follow them for a month or so, and see the consequences. I bet, you will be astonished by the results.

You will feel like you are the king. You are very happy, no matter what.

So, Keep smiling, don't feel bad for anything. Everything is part of your life, you have to adapt accordingly-but with a warm SMILE.

Not getting Jobs ? Don't Lose Hope

Placement in India has dropped drastically over few years. The slow market has created a chaos among engineers.
Those who have passed out few years back had got a lot of opportunities of their interest, But slowly and gradually, it is fading away.

Now, Engineers are forced to take awful decisions of working at Call centres and BPO sectors.
Many of them say, "I am fed up of rejections, can't wait more" .

But this is not the scenario. Those who are dedicated to hard work, are getting job in their dream companies.

Just by a few failures, don't underestimate your potential, just work a bit hard and try to attend all opportunities, just don't let go away a single opening,thinking this is not relevant for me.

Just try to get a platform first, where you can showcase your actual talent, and then you will surely get success.

So, from today, just make a pledge, and start your job hunt from today itself.

I am sure, you will make out at some point of time. And you will feel good about that.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Little effort of yours is equal to-------- A big difference

"So, where am I ? Where are you ? 

What I have done today ? Enjoyed my three time meal, watched few movies, went out, that's it... !!
Did I do anything useful ? Did I do any productive thing ? Did I help someone for his/her betterment?"

Please ask these questions yourself and try to answer them.

So, did you get any promising answer ? Did you help someone ? are your efforts enough for some major change.?

So, if all of your answers are a big 'NO', then this is for you :

Once a guy was roaming around a beach, enjoying evening breeze. Suddenly a high tide came, and it left hundreds of star fish rendered on the beach. "If they will stay there for few more minutes, then they will die".
The man thought.

So, he started throwing star fish one by one in the sea.
Another guy saw that, and asked him " this is not possible to send all of them back to sea, how your efforts are making a change?"

The guy put one star fish in the sea and said, " This made a difference to this one, at-least I am trying to make a difference"

so, what difference are we making? Big or small,it doesn't matter. If everyone made a small difference,we would end up with a big difference, wouldn't we?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

No one can match sacrifices of a MOTHER

Once upon a time, civil war broke in Vietnam. Many soldiers were fighting ignominiously day and night.
There was a family of four- husband,wife and a kid.

Followed the heart, the young husband joined the military and sacrificed his life, leaving behind his young wife and a kid.

Life post war was very harsh, often with not enough food to eat. Still, young and beautiful wife refused to re-marry and dedicated her entire life to raise her kid with best possible care and education .

Anyway, Hard-work always pays off. Finally her son got an opportunity to study abroad and he went to America to complete his studies.

He studied very hard and became scientist in NASA having a good life.

He used to send home letters, gifts along with a lot of money, however, Christmas after Christmas, new year after new year, with new excuses, the son stubbornly  refuses from coming home.

Finally after so many years of wait, his mother died. He returned home, organized a big funeral, but people didn't see him shredding tears.

Mother left him a Chest, which he saw and opened it after the funeral.

He saw something inside and started crying madly.

People standing there were shocked at this response, when one of them, went and saw the chest.

Inside was 100$ and a note.

The note read "I never spent so much of money, as it was not required for me.I always wanted to see you, whenever a bike passes by, I used to run to thinking my son has come. But you never came. I kept this money, so that, whenever my son will need them, can take it and utilize it for good cause., Always be happy my son".

Now, you all read this short story, and you can figure out, how much a mother care about her children. She will stay hungry, and in lot of pain, but still she want best for her children. But there are many people in our society who don't respect their Parents, and during the time, when parents need extra care, they stand back with lot of excuses.

But this shouldn't happen. If you will respect your parents then only you will get a stand in society.

Friday, 20 December 2013

I am what I am

Once, there was a conference going on in a big auditorium. The spokesperson was very much delighted to deliver his speech (loll).

By the time everyone reached, he was just looking at the 500 rs note. What he is gonna do with that?

Everyone was looking at him and wandering,"what man? enough !!, everyone has come, now start your damn speech!!!".

Finally his speech begun,:

" Ladies and gentleman ! Can you see this 500 rupee note? "

Everyone sitting there was not blind, of-course they were looking at that note for quite a long time. All screamed " YES".

The speaker continued ....

"so, How many of you want this five hundred rupee note ?"

Many people raised their hand.

"ok, now I am going to fold this note, and make it look ugly ! ".

He did the same.

"now , how many of you want this note ?"

Still, few hands were up.

Now , the speaker threw that note on the floor and started squeezing it with his shoes, The note looked quite ugly because of dust and dirt.

"so, now that it's messy, how many of you still want this?"

Few hands rose.

"so, What I wanted to convey is that, whatever your condition will be, how you looked, these things doesn't matter, you shouldn't forget your value."

"This 500 rupees note is soiled, still many of you want it, because you know, even if the note is soiled, you can purchase goods for 500 only, it has not lost it'a value."

The moral of the story is , "whatever you do, just don't loose your value"

Just Remember " I am , what I am" and I am very happy with that.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I am because we are

An Anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe. He put a basket of fruit near the tree and told the kids that the first one to reach the basket win them all.

When he asked them to run, they looked each other's hand and ran together, then sat together enjoying the fruits.

Seeing this, the anthropologist was shocked, and he asked one of the kid,

 " Why they all ran like that, anyone could have taken all fruit?"

They (kids) all said, "UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy, if others are sad",

UBUNTU is a philosophy of African tribes that can be summed up as "I am because we are ".

so, A country like Africa, where there is so much of hunger, everyone is taking care of each other, and not letting anybody down, then in our country INDIA, where many are very rich, and still they are craving for more.

Many of our kids are sleeping everyday hungry, because here we don't have CARING AND SHARING nature. Everybody is busy in making money for themselves without thinking about others for a while.

I can see many employees from renowned Multinational companies, where they are provided with good food , that too unlimited quantity, People are wasting food in an unlimited way.

If they will understand the value of food, then it will help in reducing food wastage and those foods can be given to many under privileged child.

so, Please don't waste food and show some respect for Humanity.